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Emba the Elephant


We’re all good at different things. There are those with a wonderful voice, gifted artists, talented sports people, people who are good with their hands, people who are good with people, people who are creative, people who make other people laugh – the list goes on and on.

The story of Emba the Elephant reminds us that everyone has a talent. Everybody is special. A child might struggle with spelling, and they might not be top of the class for maths but they are still a wonderful, worthwhile little person in their own right. They are good at something, even if they haven’t discovered what that is yet!

Emba is sad. He’s always last.
But when disaster looms, and the animals are trapped,
Emba begins to realise that he can be a winner too.

Emba the Elephant is a picture book by Mike Hughes, beautifully illustrated by Berta Maluenda, which is also available as a children’s musical.

Ideal for assemblies and as part of a wider PSHE programme, this is a story with an important message: everybody has a talent, everybody is special.

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The story of Emba the Elephant is also available as a children’s musical

  • Suitable for primary schools (KS1 & lower KS2)

  • 10 songs

  • Up to 30 speaking parts

  • 40 minutes duration


The musical package includes:

  • Script (including staging suggestions)

  • Lyric book

  • Backing tracks (including vocal guide)

For more details contact Mike directly at or on 07833 030987

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Everybody is Special is the uplifting, final song from Emba the Elephant, the Musical. You can stream/download the song on your platform of choice here.

Cover and illustrations for Emba the Elephant ​© Berta Maluenda, 2021, licensed exclusively by The Bright Agency

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior consent of the rights holders.

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