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About Us


Mike is a former teacher who now works as an independent education consultant. He has written a number of educational books and is best known for developing The Magenta Principles – an approach to teaching and learning based on enjoyment and engagement.

Ben is a freelance songwriter, musician, and music producer. When he’s not writing children’s music, he can more often than not be found recording and performing folk-punk around South Wales.

By the way, Mike is Ben’s Dad. Once upon a time, Mike used to tell little Ben stories. Now big Ben sings songs to his Dad. One day Mike said to Ben, "Do you fancy writing a musical?" the rest, as they say, is history.



Although Emba the Elephant is their first foray into children's songs, it's not by any means the first time they've collaborated. They are better known as The Kelly Line, a folk-punk songwriting duo who have been active for a number of years. Have a listen to some of their music here.


Use your imagination!

Songs and stories allow us to go anywhere, be anyone, and do anything.

Get into the mood by singing along to 'Underneath the Sasmab Tree'.

Listen to the song on your platform of choice here.

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